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There is never a day goes by where we are not helping clients with cohabitation agreements. The fastest growing family formations nationally are co-habitant, with couples being married for the second time and deciding to move in with a different partner forming step-family formations.

Our family solicitors provide cohabiting couples with comprehensive cohabitation agreements. We can help and advice about both parties rights and every day obligations to each other and their kids, siblings and pets in this complex and changing area of family law.

For some couples who decide to enter into a contract or cohabitation agreement governing their legal cohabitation and their arrangements do so at the very start of their relationship. This agreement or contract which we will prepare, is very beneficial to both parties involved, especially if later on the relationship does come to an end. Without seeking legal advice millions of unmarried couples all over the UK who are living together or cohabiting are unaware that they are at severe financial risk and emotional risk as a result of the current family law legal system.

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Cohabitation Agreements York – Cohabitation is a very popular way of living together as a couple.

Despite living as though you were a married couple sharing finances, responsibilities and having children. If you are not married, living together in name only, as a married couple, it is worth noting that you are treated very differently in the eyes of the law.

Cohabitation agreement – What is it?

Cohabitation agreements or contracts are written agreements agreeing how the couple’s cohabitation should proceed and what would happen to everything should their relationship break down in the future and come to an end.

Our Family Lawyers in York can help you tailor these written agreements or contracts to you and your partner.

What should include in their cohabitation agreements?

• How the finances are to be conducting whilst living together;

• Who owns what?
• Whether the cohabitation agreement is to be reviewed at any point in the future;
• How income, assets, debts and property should be divided should the relationship end:
• What happens to current children from other relationships or future children in the event the relationship fails or ends?

All of the above are the very basics that should be included in any cohabitation agreement. We would need to meet both parties involved as each agreement is different as each persons circumstances are not all the same. We will work with both parties and give family law advise on the areas where you might need protection and flag up some issues you may not have considered before.

When should a cohabitation agreement be made?

Cohabitation agreements can be drawn up at any time but we would always advise the sooner the better; We can make the contract up either before you live together or after you have moved in. So why do couples make cohabitation agreements? In the eyes of the law unmarried couples, living together, are treated differently and will not necessarily have the same rights as a married couple. There is actually no such thing as a ‘common law marriage’, neither party has any automatic right to property, cars or money belonging to the other.

Some couples at first feel awkward however eventually they find these types of arrangements to be very beneficial,by discussing cohabitation agreements allows them to realistically approach how they intend to live together financially.

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A Legal Costs Allowance from the other party

If you substantially depend on the other party for financial support, we may be able to secure an order that results in them paying for your ongoing legal fees. This is classed as part of your regular maintenance payments. Again, there are some fairly stringent criteria, so talk to us about the process involved.

If you are concerned about how you might pay for your legal costs, contact us for advice. It is always better to pay for the best legal representation you can, rather than cut costs now and lose out further down the line.

Litigation Lending

We work closely with specialised lenders who can advance money to pay your legal costs against the prospect of being repaid from a settlement. There are fairly stringent criteria. However, if you are virtually certain of winning a sizeable amount, but you have insufficient money to get from the start to the finish, it may well be an option in your circumstances.

If you are concerned about how you might pay for your legal costs, contact us for advice. It is always better to pay for the best legal representation you can, rather than cut costs now and lose out further down the line.

A ‘Sears Tooth’ Agreement

A Sears Tooth Agreement is an agreement between solicitor and client that ensures the solicitor is paid for their guidance and actions throughout the divorce without causing financial fears for the client. The solicitor and their client agree that an appropriate amount of the client’s final divorce settlement is provided to the solicitor to meet the fees.

If you are concerned about how you might pay for your legal costs, contact us for advice. It is always better to pay for the best legal representation you can, rather than cut costs now and lose out further down the line.

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