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Our family solicitors in York are getting a high demand on one of the services we offer. It has become more common nowadays for couples to look at prenups or prenuptial agreements. Prenuptial agreements or prenups are only used by couples before they actually get married however if you are already married we deal with post nuptial agreements for couples who have taken their vows already.




Prenuptial agreements or Prenups, are agreements drawn up by our family solicitors they are written agreements which our family lawyers set up to protect both parties involved before they get married. They are written up to help regulate the division of assets and finances. These can include property, cars and also investments and debt so if in the future the marriage did break down or does not last, and a separation then divorce or dissolution of the marriage happens. As experienced family solicitors in York, we appreciate how a prenup or prenuptial agreement can feel uncomfortable or un-easy, especially when you are just about to get married. What we have found in our experience is that a prenuptial agreement or prenup really can help give peace of mind to both parties involved. They are set up to save a lot of heartache further down the line if they are needed.

Many people have many different circumstances and situations where this type of agreement is best, the most common prenup or prenuptial agreement we deal with is where it is put in place if one partner has more assets or is much wealthier than the other. It is becoming more and more common for couples getting married for a second time. Usually in a second marriage both parties have normally accumulated assets and wealth, without the other, which they feel need protected for their children, siblings, family and friends or charities that they have in relation to a previous relationship.

It might be about to embark on marriage or even a cohabiting relationship, it may be you may wish to protect a part of your assets like your business,your  property, wealth or personal assets. We have a team of experienced family solicitors waiting to give any legal advice on prenups, prenuptial agreements, post-nuptial agreements and cohabitation advice and or cohabitation agreements. We can also give advice to clients who might want to look at other methods of protecting their assets and wealth, such as putting together a trust, or simply preparing or changing an old will.

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Easily take that first step in getting that prenup in place, get in touch and we would normally arrange an appointment to see both parties involved and go over what both your circumstances are. This enables us to will help give the very best advice on a prenup or prenuptial agreement, or legal cohabitation advice or the setting up of a cohabitation agreement.  If required we can also offer advice on setting up Trust Funds andother methods on protecting your wealth. For the very best advice call the local number today or fill out the contact us form below.

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A Legal Costs Allowance from the other party

If you substantially depend on the other party for financial support, we may be able to secure an order that results in them paying for your ongoing legal fees. This is classed as part of your regular maintenance payments. Again, there are some fairly stringent criteria, so talk to us about the process involved.

If you are concerned about how you might pay for your legal costs, contact us for advice. It is always better to pay for the best legal representation you can, rather than cut costs now and lose out further down the line.

Litigation Lending

We work closely with specialised lenders who can advance money to pay your legal costs against the prospect of being repaid from a settlement. There are fairly stringent criteria. However, if you are virtually certain of winning a sizeable amount, but you have insufficient money to get from the start to the finish, it may well be an option in your circumstances.

If you are concerned about how you might pay for your legal costs, contact us for advice. It is always better to pay for the best legal representation you can, rather than cut costs now and lose out further down the line.

A ‘Sears Tooth’ Agreement

A Sears Tooth Agreement is an agreement between solicitor and client that ensures the solicitor is paid for their guidance and actions throughout the divorce without causing financial fears for the client. The solicitor and their client agree that an appropriate amount of the client’s final divorce settlement is provided to the solicitor to meet the fees.

If you are concerned about how you might pay for your legal costs, contact us for advice. It is always better to pay for the best legal representation you can, rather than cut costs now and lose out further down the line.

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