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Divorce and Separation

Cohabitation Agreements

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Why You Need A UK Family Lawyer

There are many areas of legal practice that touch upon sensitive issues – but perhaps, there are very few areas which deal with so many emotional interactions as that of family law. In any legal dispute involving family relations, tensions are bound to rise and tempers are certain to flare up as the legal complications only serve to add fuel to the fire and cause irreparable damage to the persons involved.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way, and this is why you need a UK Family Lawyer to help you sort out these legal problems involving family legislation.

Family Law Solicitors and Barristers

As far as legal practice in the UK goes, there are two types of lawyers that engage in legal practice and they are segregated according to their operational function. If you are looking for a UK Family Lawyer to advise you on a matter involving divorce, property dispute, custody of children and in negotiating with the adverse party, then what you are looking for is a family law solicitor. A solicitor’s primary function is to talk to the client and advise them on the legal steps that can be taken in order to safeguard their interests in a family law dispute.

On the other hand, if the case involves hearing and trial within The Family Court, then what you need is a barrister, who is a type of lawyer cloaked with the authority to represent clients and plead cases before the court.

In any event, it is your family law solicitor who will seek out the services of a barrister in order to plead the case in court if necessary. Traditionally, the barrister never interacts with a client and only argues the case based on a briefing by the solicitor handling the case.

UK Family Lawyer

What Cases Involve UK Family Law?

Curious about which cases you might need the services of a UK Family Lawyer for? There are plenty actually, and they are subdivided into either family relations, property disputes (involving family members including spouses), and protection of children. Therefore, these cases may involve prenuptial agreements, divorce, cohabitation, dissolution of civil partnerships, financial matters, as well as cases involving domestic abuse and violence.

In cases of domestic violence wherein children are involved, you may need quick action in order to secure the necessary orders for the protection of the child/children. A UK Family Lawyer is in the best position to help you out in this matter.


While Family Law Solicitors are generally not authorized to make appearances in court for their clients unlike barristers, they may still validly make representations in negotiations with the adverse party and in mediation proceedings. A UK Family Lawyer should be able to advise the client on the terms of a possible agreement, including what are the pros and cons of that particular agreement.

No Fault Divorce

No-fault divorce does not exist in the UK. Therefore, the closest equivalent that we have here would be two years without cohabitation (desertion). For a speedier solution, the ground of “unreasonable behaviour” is generally utilized. A professional family law solicitor can elucidate on how this ground can be used to secure a divorce without affecting the reputation of both parties.

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